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Cod Fishing

Winter Cod Fishing: trips sail DAILY (January – April) at 5:00 a.m. or earlier(when an early bites makes an earlier departure necessary) is a great way to beat the winter doldrums and during this time of year the cod tend to school up in large shoals south and east of Block Island. With frequent schools of bait on the grounds, especially early in the season, jigs frequently tend to work as well as clams.

Spring Cod Fishing: Call For Sailing Time. (April – May) Fishing this time of year has in general been quite productive, as more and more bait shows up to the cod grounds drawing schools of hungry cod. The cod tend to be quite active this time of year chasing the bait, with jigs and clams in general, about equally productive. As the water warms up a bit other species like Mackerel, Ocean Pout, Pollock and Ocean Perch begin to be more frequently intercepted by anglers along with the Cod fish.

Fall Cod Fishing: trips feature some of the most exciting bottom fishing of the entire year. The cod fishing this time of year frequently features warmer temperatures for the comfort of the angler and is also historically the best time of year down here to catch a “steak-er” or cod over 20 lbs. As we head into October we begin to see increasing numbers of Jumbo Black Sea Bass with fish up to 5 and even 6 lbs. In addition to the cod and seabass, anglers also catch a wide array of other finfish including but not limited to red hake, Pollock, porgies, and bluefish just to name a few. Fishing areas vary from grounds east and south of Block Island to the infamous Cox’s Ledge.


FALL SEASON I:  September 16 – September 30 Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. & Sun.
Sailing Times:   7:00 A.M. – 4:00P.M.
Prices:   Adults $100.00, Children (12 and under) $60.00
Rod Rental:   $7.00  
Tackle & Bait:
  see above.

FALL SEASON II:  October 1 – December 31 Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. & Sun.
Sailing Times:   7:00 A.M. – 4:00P.M. (5 A.M. beginning mid December)
Prices:   Adults $100.00, Children (12 and under) $60.00
Rod Rental: $7.00 Tackle & Bait: see above.

WINTER SEASON:   Jan. 1 – March 31
Sailing DAILY.
Sailing Time:  5:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Prices:  Adults $100.00, Children (12 and under) $60.00
Rod Rental:  $7.00
Tackle:  10-12 sinkers, 5/0 hooks, 40-50 lb test mono line, 10-12 oz diamond jigs.
Bait: Clams

SPRING SEASON:   April 1 – April 30
Sailing Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. & Sun., Weather Permitting.
Sailing Time: 7 A.M.
Prices: Adults $100.00, Children (12 and under) $50.00
Rod Rental:  $7.00  Tackle & Bait: see above

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Night Bass & Blues

Reservations Required

Our Night Bass & Blues trip departs at 7:00 p.m. and returns at 1:00 a.m. Trips in 2015 will now focus on BOTH bluefish and striped bass. Bluefish are among the hardest fighting fish in the ocean and striped bass can range upwards to 50 lbs and can be quite the thrill for any angler. These trips, some nights will produce more bluefish and others more striped bass, depending on weather and conditions. Reservations and prepayment are required, so be sure to book early. We take a limited number of anglers. Frances Fleet reserve the right to overbook by 2 people in the event of no-shows.

Season:  June 17 - July 1 Saturday Nights only.
July 5 - Aug 26 Wed., Fri. & Sat. nights
Prices:  Adults $95.00 Children $60
Rod rental:  $10
Times:  7:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m.
Tackle:  6-16 oz. sinkers, 6/0-8/0 hooks, 30-50 lb. test mono line; 8-10 oz. diamond jigs.
Bait:  Live eels (provided)

We are now limiting our Bass Trips to 35 passengers.
Frances Fleet does reserve the right to overbook by 2 people in the event of no-shows.

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Squid Fishing

Reservations Required

Night squid fishing has become very popular over the last few years. The boat light attracts the squid, and the after dark action begins! ! Light tackle, and a variety of squid jigs are all you need to jig up some of these tasty treats.

Season:  May 5 - June 10
Prices:  All fares $45.00
Rod rental:  $5.00
Times:  7:00 P.M.-1:00 A.M. Wed., Fri., and Sat. Evenings.
Tackle:  Variety of squid jigs

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Full Day Fluke

The 7am to 4pm Jumbo Fluke trip which debuted during the summer of 2002 has rapidly become the most popular summer full day fishing trip at the Frances Fleet. It offers a great opportunity for the novice and experienced angler alike to seek out their favorite warm water flat fish, the Fluke. These trips not only provide an excellent shot at a full bag limit of one of the finest eating fish along the Rhode Island coast line but also provide the angler with a good chance of boating a doormat (fluke over 8lbs). Most seasons see quite a few fish brought to rest on the deck of the Gail Frances that scale 10 lbs and higher with the biggest fish of a given season usually from 13 to Kyle Blount's 2006 behemoth which tipped the scales at just under 16 lbs!! When in season this trip also offers the opportunity to catch black sea bass. Best of all the seabass are readily and easily taken on all the same terminal gear used in the drift fishing for big fluke. Big porgies, red hake, bonito, monk fish, alligator blues, striped bass and even a cod or two have been taken on these outings as well.

RI Fluke Regulations:
Season May 1 - Dec 31
6 fish limit, 19" minimum.

Black Seabass:
June 24th-Aug 30th 3 fish 15"
Sept. 1 - Dec. 31 7 fish, 15"

Season:   May 13 - September 16
Price:  Adults $90.00 Children (12 & under) $60.00
Rod rental:  $7.00
Times:  Sailing DAILY 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Tackle:  4-8 oz. sinkers, 5/0 hooks,
30-50 lb. test mono line
Bait:  Squid and spearing (provided)

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Black/Tautog Fishing

Sailing DAILY!
No Reservations Required

RI Regulations:
16", 6 fish

Season:   October 15 - December 15
Prices:  Adults $90.00 Children (12 & under) $50.00
Rod rental:  $7.00
Times:  6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Tackle:  4-10 oz. sinkers, 4/0 hooks, 30 lb. test mono line
Bait:  Green crabs (provided)

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1/2 Day Fluke Fishing

No Reservations Required

For those of you who prefer shorter trips, our summer half-day fishing is for you! Only a short steam to the fishing grounds, there is plenty of time to fish. Catches can include fluke, porgy, blackfish and sea bass. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a first-timer, you can test your fishing skills and have a great time. These trips are great for the entire family! Inquire about our Family Day discounts on Mondays and Wednesdays for two adults and two children (under the age of twelve).

Season 1: May 27-June 18

Prices:   $40.00 Adults $25.00 Children (12 AND UNDER)
Rod rental: 5.00 each
8:00 A.M. - 12 Noon
1:00-5:00 p.m.
Sail Days: SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS ONLY PLUS Memorial Day - 5/29

Tackle: 4-8 oz. sinkers, 2/0-4/0 hooks, 20-30 lb. test line
Bait: Squid and spearing (provided)

Season II: June 19-Sept. 4

Prices: Adults $40.00 Children (12 AND UNDER) $25.00
Rod rental:5.00 each
8:00 A.M.- 12 Noon
1:00-5:00 p.m.

Sail Days: Daily (7 DAYS PER WEEK)

  4-8 oz. sinkers, 2/0-4/0 hooks, 20-30 lb. test line
Bait:  Squid and spearing (provided)

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Cod Fishing


Mon, Wed, Friday-Sun 7 A.M.


Black Fishing


Starting October 13th 6 A.M.